Help Tonky-Ponky the monkey and his playful dolphin friend clear the balls

TonkyPonky is an arcade game developed by TRSA Games. The game, mainly intended for children, features two cute characters. One is Tonky-Ponky the monkey, and the other one is simply referred to as Dolphin. The objective is to clear the balls from their beach. You do this by shooting other balls that bounce around the scenery. These balls are limited, so you have to be careful on how to aim, shoot and bounce them. Tonky-Ponky is there ready to catch a ball and reload it in case it goes astray. There is also a special ability, when Dolphin helps you bounce the ball instead of it being lost in the sea. But besides this, you still have to think where to aim at and how the ball is going to bounce so you don't loose it.

The game is really simple to play, and it has very nice graphics and animations. There are also some power-ups that you can use. Unfortunately, they are not many of them. The looks, the simplicity and the feel of the game make it more suitable for children. They will enjoy it for a long time.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good challenge
  • Nice animations


  • Repetitive
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